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Here are my precious guest book entries !
Thank you so much to everyone who commented :

Date : 09/03/02
Name : David Birch
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : Newark UK
Comments : Just making sure that the guest book is working nicely...
Wonderful site by the way ;)

Date : 09/04/02
Name : Zeem
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : Lincoln, England
Comments : Follow your dream - I believe you can get there!

Date : 09/05/02
Name : Kasim
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : England
Comments : your latin is quite good.

Date : 10/27/02
Name :
Referred by : Just surfed in
City/Country :
Comments :

Date : 11/04/02
Name : suzi
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : nottingham
Comments : yeah! i really hope you make it and quit that mind numbing clerical job! from what i've read, i think you deserve to xx

Date : 11/20/02
Name : ben johnson
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : Nottingham
Comments : mmmmmm sara like the photos. sassy!like the site too. havent read the story yet but i will when gaffers away.Ha! it feels like i know someone famous, well almost. see ya.

Date : 11/21/02
Name : Mark Cox
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : Nottingham
Comments : Hi Sara, read your short story the other night, love it. I can see some characters from this office who might have inspired you. I like the mix of black humour and laid back writing style. Hope to read more of your stuff soon, keep at it. peace.

Date : 03/10/03
Name : Ali Sheppard
Referred by : Just Surfed In
City/Country : Berkshire
Comments : Not only can you write, but you look gorgeous too !

Date : 05/15/03
Name : Angus
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : Nottingham
Comments : Hi Sara
I like the website. I even read the shorts and I like them too! Here's to fame and fortune, eh!?! Keep the stories coming, it's definately worth it. Take it easy and see you soon.
A :o)

Date : 05/31/03
Name : Lisa Clark
Referred by : Just Surfed In
City/Country : Portsmouth
Comments : Sara-Jane, loving your work! Came to your site through the lovely Sarah ball and am v.pleased she recommended you - big things are in store for you I reckon Sara!

Date : 07/25/03
Name : Rachel Emily Shore
Referred by : Just Surfed In
City/Country : Nottingham England
Comments : Hi,aunty Sara
How r you?I'm fine.I know u will get one of your books published because I got my poem published.
c u Rachel

Date : 07/28/03
Name : Brad
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : Nottingham
Comments : Hello, site's cool! And the pictures ARE sassy! Read ya stuff and liked it. Good luck and all! Oops, gotta go, time waits for no man in the fast-paced world of soil-sifting...

Date : 04/19/04
Name : Nasim (Sister)
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : France
Comments : You are doing so well and have such dedication to your passion that I am sure your hard work will get recognised!
By the way - lovely website!!!!

Date : 05/03/04
Name : Sarah
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : Maidenhead
Comments : Hey, you look fantastic. You haven't changed a bit. Love the web site. Can't wait to read one of your books while in the bath, only place kids don't bother me. Will make a great change from my usuall reads. Ie. Men r from mars, women who think to much. Well done you. Lots of luv 2 u. x x x x x x

Date : 05/12/04
Name : Roberto Di Lecce
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : ITALIA
Comments : Ciao Sarah,

Well, Well, Well, what have we got here?
Looks like you are there, I love your short is great and I like your style.
I wish you all the best and stay in touch you might need an Italia traslation one day. :-)

Date : 05/28/04
Name : Peta (Step sis)
Referred by : E-Mail
City/Country : Sheffield
Comments : Wow, you've been a bit busy?! Love the website, pictures look great! Will read your short stories as soon as i update from my wind-up computer and be able to decode!! Keep at it, you never know who might be reading....

Date : 06/21/04
Name : Richard
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : Sarf London
Comments : Blimey - I never knew you had the artistic streak in you, when I worked at Castle Boulevard! Keep it up, Sara, can't wait for the novel!

Date : 07/06/05
Name : victoria bartle
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : nottingham
Comments : Excellent website sara!I'm really proud of you for following your dream. I know you'll be really successful-I'll be one of the first to read your books.Loved the short stories, I really need to know what happens to Raelya!

Date : 02/22/06
Name : Lesley Glasby
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : South Hiendley Barnsley
Comments : loged onto the site whilst on nights, very good site look forward to reading short stories. hope Kenya safari inspired some good writing.

Date : 03/24/06
Name : Laurent (Lolo)
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : France
Comments : Your nice sister give me the link. I'm French, so it's not easy to get all the nuances of what you are writing, but it looks great and interesting.
I know you have written more texts, some of them Zeem shows me... A lot of talent, for sure... Keep going !
Take Care. Laurent

Date : 06/05/06
Name : Tasha
Referred by : Just Surfed In
City/Country : Herts, uk
Comments : hey Sara, i saw your site advertised in a very old copy of mslexia magazine which i have only just got around to reading (2004 copy) can you believe!
Anyway, i have always felt passionately about writing but have never actually done it, but just recently i have been considering it seriously as circumstances have changed and i now feel able.
I have e mailed you a private message with a question i was hoping you could answer for me if possible?
The site is cool, good promotion strategy.
I couldn't access your short stories for some reason but I wish you all the best in reaching your goals with every sincerity.
Keep going, it's just around the corner!

Date : 11/25/07
Name : Mick
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : Nottingham/England
Comments : Hi Sara. I enjoyed your stories very much. Excellently discriptive with an easy flow which made them a pleasure to read. Wonder where the inspiration came for Foolish Antics??

I would like to wish you all the success in the world, you deserve it - oh, great pictures as well

Date : 07/16/08
Name : Royston
Referred by : Just Surfed In
City/Country : Salop
Comments : Hey, ur art work is amazin, really like it, dont remember u even mentioning that u were capable of such lil delights, of course i've not read any of ur scribings just yet, as u can probably remember i am slightly sickened by texts of all kinds but in time i will mayb try for you.
Take it even easier mate.XXX

Date : 02/09/10
Name : Patrick
Referred by : Just Surfed In
City/Country : France / Castres
Comments : Hi, I enjoyed your Short Story, is there more of it somewhere?
Or do we have to do it ourselves?...

Date : 06/11/10
Name : Dean Robertson
Referred by : Friend
City/Country : Berkshire
Comments : Hi Sara

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I love the art work you have shown on your site, its great to see the parallels between photographic and painted portraiture.

Next family event we really must say hello !

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